MaLiLian pieces, including an array of exquisitely designed soft furnishings and home décor products, are manufactured at workshops specializing in small editions and premium-quality craftsmanship. Maximum care is given to each piece as they are produced one-by-one under strict supervision of the designer.

MaLiLian is now also launching into the world of carpets. Each piece is custom-made and one of a kind.

MaLiLian pieces tell stories. Here, the billboard tells us the name of the carpet owner.

Listen carefully and you will hear the hustle and bustle of Beijing’s Central Business District.

Next to MaLiLian sofas and minimalist cabinets, vibrant colors and the warmth of New Zealand wool provide high comfort and “hygge” (coziness).

Ride a Beijing bike while being far away. This is the essence of custom made: it fits the room and the lifestyle of its owners.